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Fake Form

Before using this form you must type in your password......only joking! Type anything you like and it will be displayed as asterisks. You are limited to 10 characters.

With this menu, you can only select one option. Do you like this pull down menu?

With this menu, you can select more than one option using the 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' keys as normal in Windows, and there is a scroll bar. Give reasons why you like this pull down menu?

Now some radio buttons, again you can only select one option, what do you think?

Love them

Like them

They're OK

Not sure about them


With the checkboxes, you can select as many options as you like.

I like chips

I like chocolate

I like chips mixed with chocolate

I feel sick reading this!

Do a little Typing into this text area, you are limited to 20 characters though and you will have to overwrite the rubbish!

Here is some more text, but you cannot change this because user input has been disabled.

Why not type an essay in this text area, you initially have 4 rows and 30 columns to type it in, if you type more then the scroll bar will appear.

Browse for a file and select it to send with this form data.

Optionally, you can submit the data as an attachment to the E-mail by clicking this image

And finally, the conventional, but all important, submit and clear buttons.

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