The HTML Tutorial

Here are a few headings starting with this H5 one
An H4 heading following a paragraph

Now an H1 heading following a line break

I think you should be getting the idea as far as headings go. Notice that you can put as many spaces and lines in the HTML part without the browser picking them up
the browser only looks at the tags. Here is some bold, italic text and a little bit of text which is underlined.

Finally, let's finish with some code such as:

if (hWindow == NULL)
return hWindow;

ShowWindow(hWindow, nCmdShow);

return hWindow;

And            a bit
of pre - formatted 

Aligning a paragraph left like this just aligns the left hand side of the text and not the right. It also pushes the text to the left and helps to emphasise this paragraph,or paragraphs enclosed within the tags.

Especially when used in conjunction with the ALIGN=CENTER command which puts all the text in the middle og the page.

And finally, aligning the text to the right.

So lets try a bit of C O L O U R shall we?

Let's start with a bit of red and then some green followed by blue. We'll continue with a bit of colour mixing, starting with yellow, followed by magenta, and finally a bit of cyan to finish off.


This font size is 1, whilst This font size is 2. In fact, we can go up to font size 7

We can use the Arial font if we wish to, or maybe Times New Roman, or even the Courier font.

In fact, any font that exists on the computer.


To begin with, we have an Ordered list:
  1. This is going to be number one.
  2. Followed by number two in the list.
  3. And number three following up the rear.
Let's now try an Unnumbered list:
Finally, the slightly trickier Definition List:
First Definition.
First in the list.
Second Definition.
Second one in the list.
Third Definition.
You guessed it!...the third in the list.

Here is an image which is aligned to the right of the text. You can keep the text flowing around the picture if you wish, but only down one side, not both sides. What a shame! Remember this is not a fully-featured DTP package that we're dealing with, much trial and error is required to get the desired effect. You will also notice that the orientation of the words and images change as the page is resized. This is a clue for you to test out the layout of the page at different resolutions (e.g. 640 x 480 or 800 x 600).

We can align the image to the top of the text if we wish. As you can see, you only get one line to the side of the image.

Or even align text with the middle of the picture.


Baud rate 9600
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Parity none
Flow Control Xon/Xoff


Baud rate 9600
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Parity none
Flow Control Xon/Xoff


Baud rate 9600
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Parity none
Flow Control Xon/Xoff


Everything in this row is sitting on the bottom of the row, plus it is being shoved to the right. Yeah! So am I!
On the other hand, the stuff on this row is centred and is aligned to the same baseline Cor! Mega!
Meanwhile, this row has a mind of it's own Well-behaved! OK!


This is spanning all three rows I'm spanning three coloumns
Data Boring old data Measly data
Red data More stuff I think that's enough now!